Monday, July 17, 2017


I've been spending a considerable amount of my free time in the pool now that the weather has decided to stay consistent. Seeing as I live in an apartment building above a juice bar, I had to outsource my pool needs and luckily my boyfriend has a house with a gorgeous backyard - pool included.  

Seeing as I don't know how to swim, a lot of the time has been occupied swallowing pool water while trying to find the shallow end or sipping cocktails on a raft. Surprisingly no second degree sunburns have graced my English-white skin. My boyfriends dad has inflatable drink holders that are adorable but altogether useless. Two minutes after this picture was taken I found my cider face down in the water, guzzling more water than I had. 

When we aren't in the pool, we’re at the ocean. I've turned into quite the aquatic fiend. Also: acai bowls. There's a place, Playa Bowls, that serves not only acai and chia bowls, but 20oz smoothies in a pineapple or coconut. This particular gem was a banana/coconut blended base topped with banana, granola, chia seeds, and peanut butter drizzle. We truly do live in a golden era.

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  1. That acai bowl sounds delicious!! And the picture of you on the boat, at first I thought you had a towel covering you but now I see it's part of your suit. Looks like you're livin' the high life!